Friday Shameless Self Promotion

Friday Shameless Self Promotion-Anne Hamilton Fowler

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another Shameless Self Promotion. This time it’s Anne Hamilton Fowler who shares with us her memoir I’ve Worn Many Hats. As always, please visit self published author’s sites, follow them on social media, sign up for their newsletters and most importantly, purchase their wonderful books.






The enclosed photo of a woman reading I’ve Worn Many Hats is pretty indicative of the reactions I’ve been receiving to my no holds barred memoir which continues to sell well on One reader said: “Your candid honesty is something few would dare, but you pulled it off in a manner that evoked understanding. The book is a humorous, sometimes shocking account recounting your life’s adventures. It then goes on to further describe how in later years you topped off an already full life and moved to Central America where the work you have accomplished in Honduras as one person is nothing short of miraculous. You are truly an inspiration! This memoir is an inspiring and enjoyable read!”

Back in February, featured on This Writer’s Life, I shared background material on how I went about writing I’ve Worn Many Hats. What I didn’t yet recognize at that time was aside from garnering reader kudos and raising money for my Honduras programs, was the personal benefit I was receiving from publishing my memoir. I know that when writing it my goal was to entertain but one result that I’d certainly not anticipated, or seen coming, was that it forced me to really look at events/ my actions from the past along with the resulting consequences from the fallout.  For the first time in my life, I truly had closure.  The encouragement I continue to receive from many authors is greatly appreciated. I have even entered three separate writing contests; two internationally in the Memoir class plus another, with Bolden Fields Publishing & Author Nation, to vie for a spot in an upcoming collection of stories of women over 50 who have started over, moved to a new country or found a new passion. I certainly fit into THAT category!


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