Friday Shameless Self Promotion

Meet Kate Hill

It’s another Shameless Self Promotion Post and please say hello to Kate Hill and her current title Sam’s Silver Wolf.



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Here’s a little about Sam’s Silver Wolf:

Stalker – I’m a rogue wolf. No club. No gang. No pack. I’m free, and that’s how I like it. Roaming the streets in a Santa suit to antagonize demons into a fight, I meet her—the Wild witch who changes my life. I want Sam the moment I see her, but can a lone wolf fall in love at first sight?

Sam – I’m a Wild. That means I have warrior witch blood in my veins. I messed up, though, and someone I care about got hurt. To fix the situation, I’m in what’s left of Boston looking for demons so I can test a new spell. I’m not expecting a gorgeous silver wolf to protect me, and I’m not trying to fall in love, but one look at Stalker, and I know we were born for each other.

Note: Sam’s Silver Wolf is a very short age gap paranormal insta-love story with a little plot, a lot of heat, and a HEA.

It is available at Amazon , Apple , Barnes & Noble , kobo / Scribd , and Smashwords.

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